Working with partners

Working in Partnership - We will serve communities by working in partnership with others and providing leadership that influences, advocates and supports.

This strategic objective has been developed to ensure CWP will help and support our places by working closely together with others to provide them with what they need to thrive. We will do whatever we can to make a positive difference to whatever matters to the people we serve.

We will achieve this aim by:   

What do you think?

We’d like your views on how you think we can all achieve this together. The following survey has been designed to allow you to share what is important to you, what is working for you, and what do you need to empower you to help achieve these objectives. Below is an example of the questions you will be asked in the survey: 

  • What would make the biggest difference to making the above objectives a reality? 
  • What contribution could you make to achieve the above objectives?  
  • What needs to change to help you make this contribution? 
  • Who else could help achieve the above objectives, e.g. community groups, charities, police? 

We appreciate your time in completing it.