Reducing inequality and environmental sustainability

Reducing Inequalities - We will use our influence, physical presence and assets to reduce inequalities and improve the environment.

This strategic objective has been developed to ensure CWP will use the relationships and resources to help people, for example by sharing our buildings, training facilities etc. the Trust can help to provide opportunities and reduce differences.

CWP will provide more opportunities for training and employment to those people who usually have less access than others. This will help the Trust to make improvements for people in the places and locations that we live and work in.

We will achieve this aim by:   

  • Tackling social injustice

    For example raising awareness of social injustice, supporting people to donate time and or funds to Charity (ie. CWP Charity), also by being aware of your part in addressing racism and discrimination. By contributing to courageous conversations or lend your voice to address inequalities.

  • Being an Anchor Institution in our communities

    For example being good citizens with a social conscience, being honest, always acting with integrity, doing what you say you will do, showing compassion and tolerance to people. Demonstrating moral courage, standing up for what you believe is right and doing the right thing. Being courteous and kind to others. Making a positive contribution in all that you do, always.

  • Contributing to improving environmental sustainability.

    For example shop locally, help colleagues, neighbours and friends, participate in local issues and local activities. Think Local. Attend local events and be open for opportunities to contribute. Act appropriately and use constructive feedback to support others.

    -CWP's Infrastructure services are leading on a green plan as pathway to deliver the Government's net zero plan by 2050.This includes elements of social and corporate responsibility. 

    -CWP is also working collaboratively across the footprint on delivering the digital agenda and transformation  projects.

  • Working with partners to address economic poverty and eliminate digital poverty within our population

    Working with partners to address economic poverty and eliminate digital poverty within our population.

    For example, include use of the ‘Empower the Person Road map’.

What do you think?

We’d like your views on how you think we can all achieve this together. The following survey has been designed to allow you to share what is important to you, what is working for you, and what do you need to empower you to help achieve these objectives. Below is an example of the questions you will be asked in the survey: 

  • What would make the biggest difference to making the above objectives a reality? 
  • What contribution could you make to achieve the above objectives?  
  • What needs to change to help you make this contribution? 
  • Who else could help achieve the above objectives, e.g. community groups, charities, police? 

We appreciate your time in completing it.  



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