Improving and Innovating.  We will continuously improve and innovate and share our learning across communities.

To improve the lives for everyone in our communities we need to understand what works well and why – and be constantly curious about what we can do differently and better.  Our learning may help others, so sharing it within and outside the Trust is important, as is taking on board learning from elsewhere.

We will achieve this aim by:   

What do you think?

We’d like your views on how you think we can all achieve this together. The following survey has been designed to allow you to share what is important to you, what is working for you, and what do you need to empower you to help achieve these objectives. Below is an example of the questions you will be asked in the survey: 

  • What would make the biggest difference to making the above objectives a reality? 
  • What contribution could you make to achieve the above objectives?  
  • What needs to change to help you make this contribution? 
  • Who else could help achieve the above objectives, e.g. community groups, charities, police? 

We appreciate your time in completing it.